Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Section of the audience. I did'nt realise the section was for the graduate officers. When I sat in one of the chairs there was a sticker written "pegawai berijazah" . Well I was pegawai berijazah before.

Longshot view of the royal dias frontage. Under me was the enterance gate of the participants.

Tthe nostalgic feeling beside the OB camera. At one time I was to direct the royal function with 32 cameras.

Maghrib prayer at Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah on 22 February 2009

I went to the mosque about 6 pm. Not many jemaah were there. Just about 5 sab kos many jemaah went to the centre of the celebration, The Mesjid Omarali Saifuddin in BSB. But I was unlucky and not "ampit" the commemorative Surah Yassin

The 25th or Silver Jubilee Brunei independent celebration should be grand. That was my assumption and the assumption of many others. I was undecided at first to go to stadium; the venue of the occasion. Thinking where to park the car was the main reason. There was no invitation card if u’re already retired. Card for general public was also not available. But radio announcement said cards were distributed through Ketua Kampung and people still could enter the stadium provided there were empty chairs available.

Back in 1984 when Brunei got its independence, I was working in the media; striving hard day and night to make the celebration perfect; at least from broadcasting point of view. . Now as a lay man, you have to squeeze yourself to see the happening. Happy anniversary and prosperous Brunei Darussalam

Monday, February 23, 2009


Beijing lane from my hotel window. It was a long alley with variety of products display for u to choose.

Me and wife at Shenzhen. Hard to find old people in this area. Not many people speak English. If u want to bargain use the numbered-calculator.

See the weight. They are still using the old type weight. I did not know the measurement; in kati or metric.

These motor cyclists were ready to bring u back to the hotel with lot of lot of shopping back. I did'nt asked wheather they were legal or just like teksi sapu. But beware of your money. Counterfeit money were widely in circulation and would be in your hand easily.

Night at Guangzhou . A lot of couple were there. The young (and old ) Chinese were following the West celebrating the Velentine Day. If u did'nt know or scared (malu) to express ur feeling toward ur partner buy him (or her) kissing fish. This was what was told in Chinese TV.

“We were running like commandos pulling big bags into the 6th wagon of passenger train in Shenzhen. ” That was my experience and family members during visit to Shenzhen and Guangtzou in China middle of this February. 29 of us including old family members had to negotiate between the mass of train travelers. The escalator was down but the train did not wait. It moved when the time comes..


Three medical actresses in TV drama "Tingkap" I'm sure patients would feel relax if looked after by these beautiful "nurses"

This time around Liau's acting would be a bit relax cos the script required him lying almost all the time on bed. If he wanted to move around there would be nurses to push him on wheel chair.

My TV drama script, Tingkap was chosen to be produced for Prophet Mohammad celebration this year. The original script was for Isra Mikraj. I had to edit and make amendments to fit it into the occasion. The core of the story goes around two old and sick persons. One sees by "mata" while the other by " mata hati"..... If u want to know further, please mark the tx date. It would be in a few week time (during Maulud).


Afternoon tea with members of e-learning. This is a good usage of lap top computer. Learn motivational and business cultures from the distant instead of playing games.

We're together. The senior members delivered their experience to juniors in a easy and relax enviroment.

I met a new financial planner of Great Eastern who introduce me to an e-learning webpage. It did’nt take much explanation on me to convince the concept and the advantages of the webpage especially on me as a writer. There are guides and lectures from world big names such as Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, John Gray, Joe Girard and many more….Now I am a member. I am sure lot more people and friends are interested on this webpage. I will be contacting them soon. But for those who cannot wait, you can login into my page www.skyquestcom.com/sipugut1050.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


An arch was built at the enterance of the Anugerah RTB 2008 galeries. It was a combined effort of many sectors; RTB management, RTB officers and staff, private sectors sponsors and many more.

Happy mood one of the RTB (radio) staff. C pinky. Sampai kasutpun warna pink.

rRcognize her ? Hajah Suzy use to appear in many TV programme. Now she is one of the RTB staff member.

Guess what's the name of the Makan Sireh ingredients and equipment ? This is part of the exhibition by documentary Section of RTB in conjunction with Anugerah RTB

This year’s Anugerah RTB was much grand than before. That was what I heard. But I was unable to go for the final night, kos I’ve prior programme to travel to China on the same date. I only managed to attend the opening ceremony on 12th February. Anyhow congratulate to those who won in their various categories.


Production crew; Zul the cameraman and Shanty the Production Assistant (PA)

Liau Badar sakit. No, its only in drama. He's still fit at the age over 60 years

Every movement had to be choreograph. One second image on the screen would take hours to shoot to make it a perfect and natural action

Middle of December last year (2008) I was assigned to direct a comedy series of 12 episodes entitle Empat Penjuru. Main characters were Kudil and Kasum, recently received their Oscars in Anugerah RTB 2008. Others are Pg Hajah Maskuin, Haji Rais, Mohd Salam, Maimon, Hajah Lina and many others. The task was suppose to finish by January 2009 but was delayed due to rain and flood (Kudil could not travel from his home in Lamunin to the shooting venues.) Hopefully the series will be screened his year.


Sinarubai wedding. Dia masih menuntut di UBD. Gimana jadi housewife dan penuntut dalam waktu yang sama.

Pensyarah dan doktor. Sungguh sebanding. Husbandnya melanjutkan pelajaran sedang wife bertugas di hospital. Jika rindu angkat telfon

Ini couple terbaharu yang saya gambar. Norlida dan Mahathir. Juga videonya belum siap.

I feel sorry for holding so long wedding video coverage which I took since December 2008. Not that I wanted to delay the finish products but middle of the process my computer was reluctant to accept the processed-edited versions into dvd format.

The weddings video which I still hold are between Norzanah Pgh Haji Ibrahim and Hasrin Awg Mayasin, Mohd Azim bin Pgh Haji Ibrahim and Nor Erna Haji Ali, and son of my friend Haji Ali to a doctor from Tutong and recently Nordah-Mahathir of Lambak Berakas. Thousand apologies . Now I strive hard to cover the lost time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is a segment of my Katak Atas Tempurung broadcast yesterday. The original story was from Haji Rozan’s blog. I translated into Malay and put into my weekly column so to making it widely heard/read.

Ada seorang wanita buta yang membenci dirinya kerana matanya buta. Dia membenci semua orang kecuali teman lelakinya yang sangat sayang padanya. Dia sentiasa berada di sisi gadis itu. Diapun berkata kepada kekasihnya itu “Jika saya dapat melihat dunia, saya akan mengahwini kau”

Pada suatu hari adalah seorang insan mendermakan mata pada gadis itu. Bila balutan dibuka, dia dapat melihat dengan jelas termasuk wajah kekasihnya.

Si lelaki kekasihnya itupun berkata “sekarang kau sudah dapat melihat dunia, sudikah kau sekarang mengahwini aku ? Gadis itu melihat wajah kekasihnya dan mendapati kekasihnya itu buta. Mata kekasihnya yang tertutup itu benar-benar memeranjatkan si gadis. Dia tidak menduga keadaan sebagitu. Memikirkan ia akan sentiasa memandang wajah seorang buta sepanjang hayat membuatkan ia tidak bersedia untuk mengahwini teman lelakinya.

Teman lelakinyapun pergi dengan lelehan airmata. Beberapa hari kemudian ia mengutus nota kepada sigadis “Jagalah matamu itu sayang kerana sebelum ia menjadi kepunyaan mu, mata itu adalah mata milikku.” Atau dalam bahasa asalnya berbunyi: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were yours, they were mine.'

Kata tulisan itu lagi baginilah bagaimana otak manusia bekerja bila status kita berubah. Tidak ramai yang mengingati kehidupan sebelumnya dan sentiasa berada di sisi terutama dalam situasi duka.