Saturday, August 23, 2008


I was assigned to write something neutral about Brunei. i.e. not to mention about politic or religion. The progs are for exchange with Malay service of Radio Thailand. Ok, we’ve culture and may be tourist attractions. I prefer tourism.

People usually take granted for places, products even animals roaming in their jungle. I happened to visit Krabi near Phuket Thailand sometime ago with a group of European colleagues and were brought to a wetland area. I thought I could see Thai birds or so. It was a long journey. Eventually I asked the Thai guide. What were we looking for. He said to see plant that can survive in salty water and to see fisherman around that area. I laughed by myself after knowing we were to see the mangrove tress; Pidada trees, nipah and kayu bakau. I said to myself, ke Temburung pun banyak barang ani. But the Thai people are very smart. Indah-indah cam anipun dijadikannya tourist attractions. Orang Putih never see bakau trees; roots above the sea level. The Thai guide also showed us orang menyelam kupang. Wow, this is something I experience during my childhood di laut Kampung Baru-Baru. Menyelam tengah laut. But the European friends were so fascinated. Macam orang Brunei baru sampai ke Eropah meliat snow !!!

Ok guys. I’m going to tell U about Proboscis. For those who does’nt know about this creature, Proboscis is a type of ambuk. We can find only in Borneo. On the way to Kuala Penyu in Sabah I usually came across busload of Koreans and Japanese going to remote kampong called Kota Klias (sound like a city ah ) to see this ambuk and burung klip-klip yang mengeluarkan cahaya waktu malam.

It’s hard to see burung kelip kelip near the tunjang in Brunei nowadays. But tour operators in Brunei gain something on ambuk Proboscis. They organize sight seeing on this creature.
Its good to know, even to the local town folks to see these ambuk. Many young people does’nt know the existent of this type of ambuk.

U got to have binoculurs to see proboscis from the distant jumping from one Pidada tree to another. . These monkeys are also proficient swimmers They often cross rivers and narrow points in big groups because they run a risk of being preyed upon by crocodiles, while in the water.

See the nose, big and red . They've to lift the nose when eating. Proboscis monkeys are vegetarian and predominantly eat leaves, although fruit, seeds, and flowers are included in their diet when available. The prefer the pedada leaves.

Some people called this monkey as Bangkatan. In Malay monkey is monyet whilst in Brunei Malay monyet=ambuk. So many local people called them ambuk Bangkatan. In Indonesia they called this monkey as Monyet Belanda. Why ? May be the Indonesian felt that the Proboscis resembled the European former colonialists (the Belanda = Dutch) ; both were hairy, both had big noses, both had pot bellies! (sorry friends: nowaday many Malays also have pot bellies)

The male and female are distinguished by the size of the body and the nose. The male is bigger than the female and its nose is more pointed. Females do not have this characteristic. The nose of male, can be 4 inches long, hangs down like a small trunk to the end of the monkey's mouth. In the female and the young, the nose is shorter and turned up at the end. The males' big nose is a secondary sex characteristic: the bigger the nose is, the sexier the monkey is. It has also been suggested that the nose aids in radiating excess body heat. These monkeys are also proficient swimmers and expert at leaping from tree to tree, or from a riverside tree into the middle of a river. They often cross rivers and narrow points in big groups because they run a risk of being preyed upon by crocodiles, while in the

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bahana Creative Writing Award DBP-BSP 2007

Happy faces at Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah Kreatif Bahana DBP-BSP 2007. My friend writers Haji Ahmad Arshad (wearing white) received his award in Cerpen catogery while Pg Haji Metassan won both in Cerpen and Sajak Categories.

Female audience of the Majlis held at Balai Sarmayuda DBP on 16 August 2008. Why so serious ? Could it be because of the content of Sesirat Alunan Pengerusi. No, the chairman, Dr Metaim, DBP Director was in fact happy that this project continued for a long time and supported by Brunei Shell.

312 modern poems (sajak) from 93 penyair (both male and female) and 16 tradational puisi (syair and pantun) from 11 writers were selected. The sajak, pantun and syair had variety of themes. There were sajak which had "balasungkawa" element (meaning: as the remembrance of a writer friend who had pass away)

It was not a deklamasi sajak, rather it was a lakunan from a poem written by Camar Putih. Malek and friends succeeded in capturing the audience attention ...

Haji Ahmad Arshad, a veteran writer received his award from Deputy Permanant Secretary Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport.

One of the judges Hajah Sariani bte Haji Ishak. According to panel of judges "situasi kehidupan masyarakat kita sehari-hari kalau dilihat dan diteliti dapat dijadikan bahan pemikiran dan renungan dalam cerpen"

Prolific non-Malay writer Chong Ah Fok who beat many writers in sajak category.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Brunei International Halal Products Expo 2008 (IHPE)

The colourful Brunei IHPE 2008. All pics taken by my son, Anas.

Big crowd turned-up at ICC for the 3rd Brunei International Halal Products 2008 starting on August 14th.

Various exhibition booths displaying a wide variety of Halal products and services from electronics to foodstuff, franchise to individual own companies.

Since the enforcement of the Halal Certificate and Label Order 2005 on August 1, 2008, only nine have been granted the right to use the Brunei Halal logo.

You think this is a display doll ? No.

She is not a doll. She came with her mother. So many crowd puller (products and services) in the Expo and yet many pay attention to this little girl with her golden hair.

Live and frozen fish were diplayed besides variety of Halal meat. Don't forget to bring your wallet. The expo is jointly organised by Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Health

I just came back from IHPE in ICC Berakas.. Suprize…suprize. Went there almost Maghrib, hoping a lot of parking space. But alas. Almost every space was occupied including both sides of the road leading to the ICC enterence.. After Maghrib prayer at ICC, went round almost all the booths; exhibiting 180 companies from 13 countries. Local companies occupy 113 booths while 67 are from other countries as far as Dubai, Turkey, Algeria and China.

Test bakso here, test keropok there. Had free teh tarik. And at the end of the visit your stomach was full. Many realize now, Brunei has good own products and good packaging too.

The halal industry is the next ‘in’ thing. It has so much potential. This third expo has truly put Brunei on the international Halal map. The highlight of IHPE 2008 is the promotion of the Brunei Halal Brand, which by nature of its strict compliance and conformance to Syariah requirements and specifications is a certification that can be trusted by Muslim consumers worldwide.

I peep into the next hall. Workers are busy putting up last minute touches. There is a big bill board in front of the Conference Hall. On it, written the International Halal Market Conference (IHMC) 2008. My understanding, this gathering will be held for 2 day starting tomorrow August 16 with theme The Emergence of the Halal Market Economy. Yes, this is the venue where participants have the opportunity to listen on various issues, research findings and the latest developments in the Halal industry.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MASTERA lecture series

Students, UBD lecturers, writers and Malay literature enthusiasts were among the audience of the talk held at Dewan Sarmayuda DBP.

The paper, Dinamika Pemikiran Sastera Melayu was written and delivered by Prof Dr Ungku Maimunah bte Mohd Tahir of Malaysia.

This is a series lecture. The same topic will be deliver in Singapore on 15 August, Mataram Indonesia on 18th August and Kuching Malaysia on 22 August 2008.

After a hard day's work, what else other than makan. DBP staff and guests enjoy the dinner buffet.
I was at Dewan Bahasa this afternoon attending the Series Lecture on Comparative Malay Literature organized by Brunei MASTERA. (Majlis Sastera Asia Tenggara).
The regional cooperation brought Malay scholars from member countries Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia) and ASEAN to deliver certain topics of the regional interest. The yearly activity is to open up the intellectual dialog on Malay literature among writers, researchers and literature enthusiasts. This is 12th year of the same project format which started in 1997.

The topic was Dinamika Pemikiran Sastera Melayu. It was a thought-provoking lecture discussing on the “realism”and “modernism” in Malay literature. For more than 150 years people accepted Munsyi Abdullah as the father of modern Malay literature. This is not so since the concept of “realism” and “modernism” were based on the western outlook which had no Islamic soul. The new generation of critics thought that there should be what is called Persuratan Baru.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Vice Chanselor of Universiti Brunei Darussalam

In case you miss Wednesday's Ole Ole POP on National FM, I download here part of the script; the conversation between pensioners on the new Vice Chanselor of Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

"Satu berita penting dalam negara ialah perlantikan baru Naib Chanselor Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Mun inda silap sudah empat orang yang menerajui universiti atu. Semuanya anak Brunei. Ada mempunyai kepakaran bidang pentadbiran, ugama dan undang-undang, sastera, bahasa dan budaya dan kali ani di bidang sains dan perubatan.

Apa kepakarannya Vice Chanselor baru atu ?” bertanya seorang teman pencen.

“Nah, ni nah baca tia oleh kita” saya menyerahkan akhbar yang baru saya beli. Ia merenung sebentar isi berita. Mulutnya kumut-kamit macam dukun membaca mentera. Tapi suara inda keluar. Ia mengangkat kaca matanya dan meninggirkan atas kirainya. Kemudian ia menoleh arah kami sambil senyum.

“Kenapa kita tekidum ani ?”

“Payah kan menyabut kepakarannya atu bah. Ia tah ku itung-itung. Dua puluh satu huruf, nganya satu perkataan” sambil atu ia membuka dan mengkicupkan jari-jarinya sebagai tanda bahasa isyarat.

“Cuba tah kita cuba-cuba menyabut” Kedengaran seorang teman lain mencabar. Ia kembali menelaah akhbar.

“Nanti dulu. Ku ija dulu. O-t-o-r-h-i-n-o-l-a-r-y-n-g-o-l-o-g-i-s-t. Apa bunyinya tu, Otor-hino-laryn-gologist. Lurus tu ?” Kawan ani bagaikan inda yakin.

“Luruskan saja tia. Ia ani baru berumur 40 tahun. Muda lakat. Banyak peluang ni memajukan universiti terutama dalam bidang perubatan.” Seorang lagi teman pencen bersuara.

“Kan halnya, siapa namanya ?” Nampak banar tah si kawan seorang ani inda membaca akhbar, mendengar berita radio atau menonton berita TV.

“Di catet dalam akhbar ani Dr Zulkarnain. Tapi mun di negeri luar, di England misalnya, ia ani inda lagi di galar doktor” Mendengar atu si kawan tadi bagaikan kehairanan. Lekas ia mencelah.

“Mun inda digalar doktor, apa tah ?”

“Ia ani jauh tinggi daripada doktor. Istilah yang dipakai Mastar” Si teman yang ani bagaikan menambah kekeliruan teman yang seorang.

“Kenapa tia macam atu ? Macam orang biasa tah pulang. Cigu dipanggil master jua."

“Inda tu. Dalam dunia perubatan, master ani ialah orang yang pakar dalam bidang tertentu terutama bidang pembedahan.” Si kawan ani meluruskan.

“Pandai tia membalah ni ?

“Auw. Kepakarannya bidang kepala dan leher” Bila menyebut bidang kepakaran dalam pembedahan itu, perkumpulan senyap sebentar.

“Membari ijab jua ni ah. Pandai menyumbalih kali” Ada sedikit nada lucu yang disuarakan oleh teman ani.

“Mun kita ada penyakit di leher atau kepala, surungkan tia. Tau tia mengulahkan untuk menyembuhkan penyakit kita atu.” Kedengaran teman dalam kumpulan ketawa.

“Ngilu jua rasanya meliat gambar orang membalah kepala atau dada atu.” Sambil berkata ia berkirik, bagaikan dagingnya di hiris dengan pisau tajam.

“Diorang ani biasa sudah ni. Pakar jantung anak tempatan pun sudah ada.”

“Jantung atu sanang sedikit menyabut. Ani, apa antadi ? Otor-hino-laryn-gologist. Eh begulung lidah. Alum lagi pelajarannya. Menyabut pun sudah payah.”

“Mister Zulkarnain ani sudah diiktiraf di dunia antarabangsa. Ingat kita semasa di adakan persidangan doktor kepala dan leher di Brunei tempuh hari. Mister Zulkarnain ani yang berperanan basar. Ia yang mengharumkan negara di bidang ilmu atu.”

"Mudah-mudahan bila ia mengemudi Universiti Brunei Darussalam ia akan membawa menara gadung atu lebih terkenal di arena antarabangsa."

Serentak bagaikan satu bacaan doa, rakan-rakan yang bersama berkumpul hari atu, mengaminkan.

Olympic Games Beijing 2008

With so many TV channel offering Olympic coverage, sometimes you have to jump from one channel to another channel to see your favourite sport. Don’t go away, said the TV presenter. But of course we have the right to choose. The finger is the power especially when there’re a lot of commercials. What is you favourite sports? For me the athletics is the best. But while waiting for the finals, some sports also appealing to me. In Brunei Malay words “teranah meliat”. I do concentrate on the competition especially on boxing, volleyball, gymnastic, and weigh lifting.

I put two of the sports, weight lifting and gymnastic as the core of my weekly writing in Pelangi FM’s Katak Atas Tempurung and National FM’s Ole Ole Pop; I really was stunned to see the pin size Chen Xiexia who is just 5 ft tall, lifting 212 kilogram to win the first gold for China. 212 kilogram is equal to approx to 20 sacks beras wangi.

Another sport was gymnastics. But I’ve yet to see the present gymnasts. The one I commented was 1976 Montreal Olympics, beautiful Nadia Comaneci from Romania. Nadia was 14 when she participated in Montreal Olympics in 1976 and became household topic when she got “Perfect Ten” in uneven-bars category. All in all she got six “Perfect Tens,” five gold, one silver and one bronze. I remembered this because I was working as Assistant Producer at that time when everything was done in manual. No such thing as live telecast. Good old day 30+ years ago.

History Centre Customer's Day

Hari Pelanggan Pusat Sejarah was officiated by Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Pehin Dato Major Jeneral Haji Mohammad at Risqun Hotel.

To know the content, you need to know the old Jawi writing of this old document. This is one of the objectives of Pusat Sejarah; providing the reference for writers and historians.

"Is that me ?," said Pg Dato Haji Badaruddin. focusing on old group pic of Brunei students. Pg Dato was the product of secondary school in Singapore before pursuing his degree in Universiti Malaya.

I was invited to Rezqun Hotel for the Pusat Sejarah customer's day. This function seem to be gathering for old friends especially those working in Dewan Bahasa. Pehin Haji Jamil was the director then. Now he is still the boss in History Center while us, are already pensioners.

Everytime I meet Pehin he usually greets "mana si John, Sin ?" When RTB was established I was transfered from Dewan to this new department. At the early stage of TV Brunei in 70s the top management were taken by expetiates especially from BBC. My English boss, John Watkin was holding the post of Head of Programmes. He tried to reduce the religious programmes which was opposed by Pehin. At the time Pehin's English was still "kampungan" but he was brave enough to blantly said to John Watkin: "You foreigner, this is my country. You cannot do as you like" John was stunned and reversed his decision. That was the story behind "Mana si John, Sin"

I appreciate Pehin for his photographic minds. At 80 plus he remembers a lot. At the gathering another book was published written by Pehin- Melayu Islam Beraja, Hakikat dan Hasrat. The other book, AKBS, Asrama Kerajaan Brunei Singapura contains stories and pics of Brunei students in Singapore in early 60s It cost me $40.00 but it worth it. Old pics were there.

National Day Song Competition 2009

Ashraff, try you hand on patriotic songs. I know you can. You'll be remembered not only by your young peminat nowadays but by cucu cicit in future, 2050 perhaps......
Invitation is now open for interested parties to participate in song writing competition organized by Culture Youth and Sports Ministry in preparation for the 25th anniversary of National Day next year. This is a good chance to put oneself in record or in Brunei history. I’m sure the celebration will be grand.

The songs will be having patriotic theme. My friend Ashraff should try this, not just songs for the young as in his two albums. Manipulate you computer right now, brother.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Knowledge Convention - Acara Sampingan (sideline activities

Winners with Jawatankuasa. With Seminars held during Knowledge Convention now many had clear picture what is Negara Zikir and which direction we are going to .

It was a tough competition. In short story catogory alone (cerpen), there were 41 participants;
both participated by new and veteran writers.

A prize money and a certificate. Its worth. Someday you may become a prominent writer

This afternoon 5th August, I attended a prize giving ceremony for Acara Sampingan Majlis Ilmu. It’s part of the Knowledge Convention activities on writing skill and competition in conjunction with His Majesty 62nd birthday. The competition was divided into four; namely Cerpen (short story), Rencana (essay), Children Short Stories and Khat Writing. I submitted two. One for Cerpen and another for Rencana. I was richer by $1,200 after winning 2nd prize in Cerpen writing.

The question of young and old

Shalizan was my former staff. Seeing from his face, I'm sure he felt younger than his age standing beside the beautiful Thai actress

How about other pensioner friends ? Do you feel "muda" seeing this pic. Taken in one of the Kuala Lumpur kareoke lounges years ago.

Don't worry about your age. Young at heart, may be. Haji Rahman with his "crew"at the end of a concert at Jerudong Park. Jangan marah ya....

Young or old ......
From June and up to now there seem to be endless wedding ceremonies; weeks after weeks of invitations. What would you do while waiting for makan and Bersanding ? Most of the invitees chat-chating with endless topics. I still remember one topic which we raised during this gathering. How do you measure you age ? Of course people say refer to your IC or birth certificate. It stated which year you’re born. But the document is not really reliable. People changed their date of birth to make them older or younger, depending on the need, to make them eligible for certain job. I heard some youth in 60ies claimed they were old just to enroll into the army which required minimum age of 18 years.

My friend, who invited me to this Majlis looked young but he is to become a father in-law. Within one year or so, he will be a grandfather. Is he old or is he still a young man ? This is the thought of my writing in Ole Ole POP this week; broadcast on 6th August 2008. Tune to National FM at 7.45 am.

Many reluctant to go upfront for Majlis Berbedak by telling “orang tetua saja membadaki” (old people only to perform the Berbedak). Yes that is true. Majlis Berbadak is supposed to be performed by older relatives. But these friends forgot, they were already in that category. In a very near future, they would become fathers in law/grandfathers.
Well, the life circle goes on.

“Giliran kitani sudah ni menjadi orang tetua” kata seorang. Sambil bekurapak atu ia menoleh ke arah teman yang menjemput kami ke majlis perkahwinan anaknya. Ia sedang bersalaman dengan tetamu lain.

“Auw, jangan inda sadar” Kawan ani cepat mengiakan “Inda kerasaan setahun ani. Tau-tau karang jadi nini tia member kitani atu.” Ia merujuk kepada kawan yang bersalaman.

“Kita berapa sudah cucu ?” Terdengar pula soalan. Penyoal tahu si teman atu sudah bermenantu.

“Dua” jawabnya ringkas.

“Boleh tahan kita ani eh. Mua lakat lagi cam orang muda. Sebenarnya kitani ani sudah tua. Nganya inda terasa tua” Ia menyatakan realiti sebenar.

“Time kitani sudah ni. Time dapat menantu. Tap tap esok lusa kita pulang bejabat. Kita pulang mengahwinkan anak.” Ia mengajukan pandangan pada sahabat yang termuda dalam kumpulan kami ari atu.

“Aku inda pulang kan mengelak di galar orang tetua atu. Tiga kali ku sudah mengetuai rombongan meminang anak buahku. Maknanya abis sidia sudah mengiktiraf kitani ani sebagai orang tetua.” Ia menjelaskan kedudukan dirinya.

“Ada jua orang mengelak di gelar orang tetua kan ?” Terloncat soalan dari seorang lagi teman.

“Ada. Banyak saja. Kita kan meliat contohnya. Cuba kita liat masa bebadak. Ada yang beriri-irian inda mau ke hadapan.” Si kawan ani terus memberi gambaran.

“Auw banar jua. Ada orang inda mau. Orang tetua saja, katanya. Padahal dirinya sudah layak di kategerikan pada kumpulan orang tetua”

“Kita cam mana ? Bila kan bemanantu ?” Soalan atu nampaknya ditujukan arah kawan yang lagi antadi mendangar saja.

“Kitani ani mengikut saja kemahuan anak-anak kitani. Anakku sudah graduate. Usulnya bekawan-kawan jua sudah. Bila kan kahwin aku inda tau. Tapi mun esok ia mahu kahwin, inda pulang kami melarang. Orang tetua karang ani mana boleh di samakan dengan orang tetua zaman kitani jadi kanak-kanak.” Ia memberi penjelasan panjang.

“Pencen kitani umur 55 taun. Tapi mun sudah umur lima puluh taun atu iktiraf tia diri sudah jadi orang tetua. Buktinya anak sudah basar panjang. Jangan tah lagi gauk. Syukur sudah dipanjangkan umur atu”

Perbualan kami terhenti sebentar kerana kawan kami yang mengundang bersama barisan saudara maranya sudah hampir untuk menjabati kami.

“Terima kasih, terima kasih, ucapnya dengan penuh riang.” Setiba teman yang mengundang menghadapi kami. Tangan kami digenggam erat.

“Selamat menjadi orang tetua”, kedengaran terkeluar dari salah seorang yang bersama kami bekurapak antadi.

Teman yang dijabati menolek ke arah suara itu. Dia hanya senyum saja. Mungkin mengia kan ucapan atu.

Monday, August 4, 2008

08082008 - Olympic Games

Sunset on the horizon. Will 08082008 would effect the livelihood of people ? To the certain extend, yes. But after that it goes back to the routine. It just like the sun rises in the east in the morning and disappear in the west in the evening.

Some people would celebrate 08082008. Is number *8* really give them luck ? Some say Friday 13th also strike a luck. So you decide which one to believe. Or you don't believe on numbers. Let life goes on.

Seeing this pic. you feel relax, cool, less stress. I took this pic years ago in Langkawi. So, I think, life does'nt depend on numbers. It's inside your heart. If you want to be happy just feel happy.

Another nice enviroment that brighten your outlook. This one I snapped years ago in Chiang Rai Thailand. I think it's still the same even you visit on 08082008. 08082008 is just another day. Do you aggree ?

Many people got exited approaching 8th August 2008. This morning I heard from Kristal somebody greeted for the 30th birthday of her family member on that date. She announced early. So must be a big function this coming Friday.

Lucky date, that's what they say especially among Chinese friends. Now you've problem. With so many wedding invitations on the special date, you cannot decide which one to go. For my weekly writing on Pelangi FM, Katak Atas Tempurung I'm gonna mention the date in relation to Beijing Olympic Games which is to be officially opened on the 8th August 2008.

"Angka lapan sebagai simbol kekayaan dan nasib baik lebih banyak dipercayai oleh orang Cina. Angka lapan bukan saja sebagai tanda tarikh perkahwinan. Masyarakat Cina sanggup membayar harga tinggi untuk mendapatkan nombor itu untuk nombor telefon atau pendaftaran kenderaan. Kepercayaan ini dikuatkan lagi dengan tarikh berlangsungnya sukan Olimpik di Cina bermula pada 8hb Ogos 2008. Penganjur Sukan Olimpik Beijing yang merancang upacara pembukaan rasmi temasya sukan itu bermula pada pukul lapan malam berharap angka lapan dapat membantu kelancaran penganjuran temasya sukan terbesar dunia itu. Sukan Olimpik turut menarik perhatian ibu bapa apabila lebih 4,000 anak damit dinamakan dengan nama Aoyuns, bermaksud Sukan Olimpik dalam bahasa Cina.

Rakyat Cina telah digerakkan dengan daya tahan dari segi fizikal dan mental untuk berdepan dengan pelbagai kerenah manusia dari pelbagai pelosok dunia dengan latar bahasa dan budaya yang berbeza. Jawatankuasa Penganjur Sukan Olimpik Beijing 2008 sejak bulan Disember 2007, giat mendapatkan tenaga sukarelawan yang boleh berbahasa asing bagi sukan berprestij itu. Antara kriterianya ialah boleh berbahasa salah satu daripada 55 bahasa yang disenaraikan oleh Jawatankuasa Penganjur Sukan Olimpik Beijing 2008. Menurut laporan, lebih daripada 730 ribu orang rakyat Cina mengemukakan permohonan untuk menjadi sukarelawan.
Bahasa Mandarin menjadi bahasa rasmi Sukan Olimpik Beijing 2008. dengan slogan “Satu Dunia, Satu Impian”. Proses peciptaan slogan ini dijana dari idea 200 000 orang rakyat Cina di Cina dan di luar negara dan dimulakan pada 1 Januari 2005. Kempen tersebut telah menarik 210 ribu penyertaan melalui surat dan e-mel daripada serata dunia, antaranya termasuklah dari Tanah Besar China, Hong Kong, Amerika Syarikat, Britain, Perancis, Jepun, Korea, Cuba, Norway, dan Brazil. Cadangan slogan dicipta dalam bahasa China, Inggeris, Perancis, Sepanyol, dan Portugis.

Selepas melalui proses tapisan, sebanyak 800 slogan telah disenarai-pilih. Jumlah tersebut kemudiannya ditapis lagi. Akhirnya, hanya 100 slogan sahaja yang berjaya dalam saringan. Pemilihan 100 slogan cadangan itu telah diperhalusi lagi oleh sekumpulan pakar Olimpik, cendekiawan bahasa asing, pakar dan pengajar bahasa Inggeris, pakar bahasa Cina klasik, pakar perunding asing, dan profesional perhubungan awam. Ide daripada 100 slogan cadangan digabungkan menjadi satu yang membawa maksud yang mendalam, “Satu Dunia, Satu Impian”.
Bukan mudah untuk mencari slogan walaupun hanya menggunakan 4 perkataan.

Rakyat Cina ternyata menunjukkan iltizam dan jati diri dalam penganjuran Sukan Olimpik ke-29 dari setiap aspek, termasuk menonjolkan bahasa dan budaya mereka seperti dalam kempen pencarian bahasa slogan yang baik, sesuai, bermutu, dan bermakna. "