Thursday, June 26, 2008

International Day Against Drug Abuse 2008

26 June 2008 is an International Day Against Drug Abuse. Brunei fully supported the campaign with roadshow organised by Biro Kawalan Narkotik together with NGOs and private sectors. The targeted sectors were youth and young people. This is clearly with theme "Menjana Tunas Bangsa Bebas Dadah"

Go to Hua Ho Mall at Tutong. There're a lot of information regarding abuse of drug. The roadshow will run for four days from today 26th June.

Booths own by schools show student's creativity base on drug abuse. They will get the info and knowledge and these help them to spread the danger and the nuisance of drug abuse.

Nice to see the graffiti which carries strong message of drug abuse

Bintang Radio 2008 Final

I gonna miss Bintang Radio Final 2008 cos the date coincide with my departute to KK. I may follow through RTB City. Hard working producer Hajah Maya (on black) briefed artists on their movement. This is stage cheography, they call it.

Beutiful and happy looking Nazirah, the Harmoni DJ who will be the presenter on the gala night.

Checking the duration of the songs, Kartini the Production Assistant. Why so serious, baby ?
Pen, paper and of course the stop watch are PA's important tools.

"This is what we should do. " Two finalists rehearsed their lines

For the big show like Bintang RTB, the RTB orchestra has to add their members from free-lancing musicians. Here some students joined in the string group.

I went to see the first stage of rehearsal, bloking, This is a rough movement. Lighting, cameras costume and makeup were not yet involve.... This is more on stage cherography.

One of the participants Ampuan Nurhafizah Hanum Ampuan Haji Yaakob from Temburong.
The Competation will be broadcast live on Harmoni FM (radio) and delay telecast same night through RTB 2

Production Assistant Kartini buzy with timing of every songs. From the duration of each song, then the producer composes the production shot... Close up, medium shot and so forth.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

children novel writing workshop

Children Novel Writing Workshop was organised by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. The 4 days workshop (starting on 15th June) was participated by more than 40 budding and veteran writers. In pic, the Acting Director of DBP, Puan Aminah Momin, on the closing session, stressed the importance for writers to carry on writing. Don't wait for competation, she said.

The hard working chairlady, Hajah Nortijah. She hoped participants would come up with the structure of the novels. The work did'nt finish on the closing session, she said. She anticipated to see and show-cased at least 20 to 30 novel fragments by August 2008.

The many suggestions and requests from Rozana on behalf of the writers. Organise more workshops not only on children novel writing, said her.

BB. Beautiful and brain. That is the package owned by Kartini. No doubt one day she may become popular Brunei novelist. At present she is one of the editors in Dewan Bahasa.

This is peserta rasmi or official participant. In the Dewan Sarmayudha there were also a few keen individuals following the workshop. The facilatator named them as peserta pinggiran.

The participants were divided into groups and to come up with story base on their theme group. Here, the group "Misteri" were guided by the facilatator how to mind-mapping the story.

They were participants of the Workshop and on the same capacity as members of the working committee. Seeing from their mood, they're not "begalurat". In fact they're happy to kill two birds with one stone.

Its good to lay down your opinion. Talk it out rather than keeping it to yourself. Discussion and brain storming were few ways to produce a good story.

Technology helps a lot. Some participants brought their lap tops to catch up the lecture.

I frooze the action. Dr Jefri, the facilatator was not inviting participants to fly. It's just the body language to empersize certain points on good writing.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pantaran Sastera (Literary Flatform)

Literary known as Sukri Zain, The Minister of Religious Affairs hosted a literary gathering known as Pantaran Sastera on 17 June 2008. Here YB delivered a welcoming poem.

The hundred descendants of late Sarang Mohamad. Together they presented a poem as a remembrance of the their loving great-great grandfather.

The Dato ( former District Officer and a police officer) and members of the University Brunei Darussalam teaching staff were among the audience.

Friends and poets sat together listening the many presentation of poems and shaer from
distinguished personalities.

Among the well known figure was the Deputy Religious Affair Minister, Pehin Haji Badaruddin. Badaruddin H.O, as YB is known in literary circle, presented a sajak with his wife, Maimonah Haji Omar. (mudah-mudahan inda masap berduet ani, kata Pehin)

The close up of Tarif, another well known local writer. I purposely took this pic as a prelude to a shaer written by Pehin Haji Abdul Ghani who painted a bald and toothless person.

Don't be upset if you were without hair or toothless as you grow older, said Pehin Haji Ghani. Be thankful to Allah to what we had been given; the good health , strong memory, happy family...

Winners of the SEA Write Awards ....

There was also a comical presentation by Pehin Mohd Zain's brother Haji Metussin. He is a member of popular Liau Badar Group.

Time to check your number in Lucky Draw. His number gave enough for a week supply of rice grain....10 kilo of rice grain.

This was really a package. Ambulung, bottles of cacah including the candas for Ambuyat session.

A place to lay down your tired and worn out body.... a matress.

Group of Datin. None of them got the lucky number, the prize which included 2 TV sets. But they enjoyed the evening.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

RTB Hari Bersama Biskita (RTB Open Day) - Day 2

While junior officers entertained the visitors and show them how radio operate, the senior officers who manage the five channel had a serious discussion with a selected listeners.

Various serious topics were discussed. Haji Ali Yusri even pointed out the graphic, colour and fond effects of the five channels. The colour "i" in Nasional FM is not visible, he said.

This kid requested children under twelve be allowed to participate in Qur'an reading tutorial in Nur Islam FM. His request was granted on the spot.

"How many words you deliver every hour when you sit on the DJ chair ?" That was a simple but tough question, said Diddy when explaining to the Pelangi FM visitors. "We are to do the DJ ing with zero error." he added. On the DJ chair was Ashraff Ranill. Diddy was standing (blue shirt) with bandaged hand.

Visitors line-up to booths adjecent to Dewan Raya. Auditions were open for various posts. This little tot confused not by the technicalities of production but by the many "instructors" in front of her, including her mother.

Another hoping candidate for general TV programmes.

This was the right time to ask question regarding broadcasting in Brunei Darussalam. Officers were around to clearify your doubt and perceptions

Another serious session held at studio A. This time with TV management. The officers's attendance did not at par with radio management. Why only four officers ? The new wing, RTB City was not represented.

Questions from Pg Datin Hajah Normah, formally the Head of Programmes. After her retirement somebody sit on HP hot seat, so did the management style.
This pic I took outside RTB complex. The parking area for RTB officers were turned into gerai in a few hours. The RTB constraction section had the expertise to do the job.

One of the gerai sold kebab. This was the type of food (Lebenon food) I usually eat when I was studying in London. The reason: It satisfied you taste, cheap and free bawang-bawangan. You can take as many cut-vegatables as you can. Makan gulaian saja tah. But here, just raw kebab and meat.
Window shopping.... No RTB marchandise ah.... Luan gagau kali.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Small note on a cake. "you are the best, father's day." That was part of the decoration on a cake prepared for me on 15th June. Reading it you felt touched, your children appreciated what you 've done to them.

I can't imagine children without fathers; alone and neglected. Whatever the reasons, family conflicts, passed away early or lost in a war/disasters.
My grand daughter, Nur Alia Batrisyia. For her blowing the candle was a happy occasion. That occasion never happened during my childhood. So let her happy and everybody smile...