Friday, May 30, 2008

Books Launching and Islamic Creative Writing Prize Presentation

I just coming back from this function organised by Pusat Dakwah Islamiah two hours ago.
I was presented a nice paper back with some documents. When browsing the programme book, I came across my name as one of the winners in essay writing competation. Now I'm richer by $200 dollars

This is the front cover of the programme book. The function was the combination of book launching and prize presentation for winners in writing competation during last year's Isra Mikraj Celebration.

Another certificate that proves my continued involvement in writing .

During launching, books were sold at special prize. Among books on display were A Review On The Implementation And Administration Of Islamic Law in Brunei Darussalam by Profesor Dato Dr Haji Mahmud Saedon bin Awg Othman and Kita Terlanjur Allah Maha Pengampun by YB Pehin Udana Khatib Dato Haji Badaruddin Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs.

Bookworms browse on books. More religious books on sale. Untaian Mutiara Puisi Hidayat is a collection of Islamic poems by new and establish Brunei writers.

There must be special item on the programme book. Islamic Creative Writing Competation is a yearly project organised by Pusat Dakwah Islamiah (Islamic Propragation Centre). This year (2008) the prize money has been increased. But I'm sure the Islamic writers are not writing purely for money. This work is for Allah. (menulis kerana Allah)

Time is precious. Discussion by UBD lecturers.

Everything was done perfectly according to the schedules. Function ended with the doa, thanks giving to Allah.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pesta Kerjaya 2008

I visited Pesta Kerjaya at ICC this afternoon. Really a pesta with thousand job seekers attending the seminars, lectures and motivational talk in the main hall.

This star attraction pull a big crowd. ... Dr Fadli. Most people in Brunei know him. I was wondering weather people came to hear his motivational talk or wanted to get his autograph.

Participants carried bags with this logo printed on. During break they were given free coffee/kueh. Wah really a pesta. What you got to do was choose....choose...choose the right job.

One of the favourite booth. RBA... You want to be a pilot ? Ok. No discrimination weather you are girl or boy, so long you have the qualifications. In Brunei girls or boys have the same right.

This job seeker tried his luck in broadcasting. How did U feel ?

Fill the form first. Give the particulars, academic acheivements and your past experience in school. Jadi skautkah, red crecend kah atau jadi prefect.

Then baru try your voice. Gimana ? kajar-kajar jua. Alum lagi on air.

So happylah this manageress. What made you laugh Jah Mordiah ? Is that the story I told U ? Some job seekers need to do homework. I just happen to hear somebody standing beside me, trying their luck, to fill in the form. Positions were advertised on the white board.
The booth attendant asked: What's your qualifications.
2 credit, he answered. Must be "O" level holder.
Then he asked again. Can I apply that position ?
Which job ?
That one !
Which one ?
Legal Officer....
The booth attendant just smile. No wonder more than 7,000 still without job. Not that they are choosy. They don't do homework!

Aesthetics & Practice Of Film/TV Production

Last Sat and Sunday (24th & 25th May) I attended a workshop organised by Regalblue Production. The inciative by a private organisation should be commended in helping those engage in the TV production line to sharpen their skill. TV production has a dynamic future especially in the era of digital world. New ways of producing semiotic images , gestalt, binary opposition were some example given in the lecture.

The facilatator was Encik Hassan Abd Muthalib from Malaysia; a person of high calibre in film making. See the image in the screen which includes Nik Aziz, the Chief Minister of Kelantan. According to him this was when Nik Aziz attended a film session, stay back until the end of the show.

Full of concentration.

"Is my assignment ok ?" Encik Hassan checked whether what he delivered reach into the mind of the participants.

Mel, a happy participant in the two days of the discovery.

Biro Kawalan Narkotik Roadshow

Another roadshow by BKN coordinated by Majlis Perundingan Mukim Kiudang. Tutong. There were lectures on misuse of drugs, photos of mukim activities, display of drugs and utilities, children games and art competation, artists audition and demo how cannings were executed to drug addicts.

Future artists - children attending audition. Part of the roadshow activities held last Sunday.
Misused of drug could be highlighted through play and drama.

Budding artistes couched by a drama actor how to say the lines. Good way of bringing youngs away from misuse of drug.

Another potential young candidate. The audition was organised by local production house Normedia Production.

"This is dangerous" said the officer. "Why Lauk Putih ?" asked the kid. The Lauk Putih is not the name of a fish. It is the code used by drug traffickers to mislead the BKN.

Information from the local audience. Qistina Rangga from Brunei Times interviewed to get some facts for her news feature.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fairuzneezan - artist of the month

She was selected the artist of the month by Pelangi FM. Fairozneezan is really a rare name and face. Last year when I was with Brunei Time, my editor requested me to feature a beautiful local singer. TV Producer Allahyarhamah Hajah Esah Misir ( mudah-mudahan rohnya di cucuri rahmat) recommended Fairozneezan. I met Fairozneezan once and took these pics. (I have more) Unfortunately Fairozneezan was buzy with her study at that time and could'nt meet for interview appt and miss the printing dateline. Gimana pun, here she is. Isn't she beautiful ?... yes.

Young artist with a tudung. Whatever you wear, if you're beautiful, you 're beautiful. Now try compare her in casual. Go to RTB Website and click Pelangi FM.

#31st May Holiday

With the new passport procedure for Brunei travellers and a new imigration check point, view of this long que will become a history.

Don't need to go to far far away. Just hop into Labuan. Book an apartment and enjoy the lunch together. Of course it's better if you bring along the ambulung, cacah and candas. The rest, the ingredients like tahai-tahaian you could find plentiful in Labuan tamu.

Zoo in Labuan. Birds, buaya and exotic animals are there. Nice place to take out your stress

Monday, May 26, 2008

Katak Atas Tempurung - Tourism

This week Katak Atas Tempurung touches on tourism. 31st May is holiday for three Borneo states; Brunei Darussalam, Sabah and Sarawak. Brunei Darussalam will celebrate Arm Forces Day, Sabah will celebrate Pesta Menuai while Sarawak will be buzy with Hari Gawai. And as usual there will be stream of cars going in and out of immigration check points between the states…and money as well.

“Pergerakan ke Negara jiran dulunya hanya dikenali sebagai lawatan. Perkataan pelancongan mula digunakan bilamana kaedah lawatan cara baru itu menjadi satu sumber pendapatan negara. Ia merupakan industri besar terutama bagi negara-negara jiran Thailand, Singapura, Malaysia dan Indonesia. Malaysia misalnya mensasarkan pendapatan sebanyak 44.5 biliun ringgit dengan mendatangkan 20.1 juta orang pelancong. Thailand pula mengharapkan pendapatan 500 biliun bath dan mensasarkan kehadiran 14.2 juta pelancong, Singapura, negara pulau berharap dapat meraih sebanyak 13.8 biliun dollar. Bagitu halnya Indonesia cuba mendapatkan pendapatan berbilun malah triliun rupiah pada tahun 2008. Bagitu besarnya sumbangan pelancongan kepada negara masing-masing.”

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Education Policy Product

I was searching an old album and found this pic. I flip over. There, stated at the back a caption; taken in 1963 during school term holiday. That was 41 years ago. At that time there was no secondary education in Brunei. Bright students were sent to overseas. This was where this two Brunei students and I studied after passing darjah enam in 1962/63; the full residential Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman Ipoh Malaya. During 1st term holidays we joined our Malayan friends for what is nowdays termed as home stay. We were given allowance by the gov't and the train ticket to our kampung distinations. Second term holiday we stayed at the hostel. Hostel was like a haunted building. Everybody went home except Brunei students. Third term holidays... this was best.. That was when we went back home to Brunei - not by supersonic jet but turbo plane fokker friendship yang ada kipas di sayapnya. Badannya menjungkat masa terabang. Okey jua. Bukan jua ramai orang Brunei naik kapal terabang masa atu. Lunchnya best. Ada udang Bekara di belah dua.

Well, that was a least put yourself in different category; overseas scholarship at the age of 12 years. You can't get it now. That was another fruit of New Development Policy (education policy) when oil was found in Brunei in 1954.

You may ask who is in the pic. The one wearing blue short was Allahyarham Awang Haji Abu Bakar bin Haji Tengah who passed away in road accident in Lawas a few years ago. He was a prominent businessman, the former president Malay Chanber of Commerce The one wearing white short ...... I think most of you could recognise him. The boyish looking face is our Brunei permanent representative in United Nation Tuan Yang Terutama Awang Mohamad Jenin bin Erey. Who would imigine this 12 years old boy at that time now sit in the world body representing a country ? Well that was what our far vision leaders planned.... modern education policy for the young. Terima kasih tuan-tuan.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Energy Week/Oil Money

This black and white picture was taken in early sixties. The location was in Kampung Air (KLD) facing the Makam. Who at that time could predict that these kampung boys would steer the development of Brunei. Good education under the new government policy pull them away from humble and poor family and surrounding. Two of them are now government Ministers, one was a former Permanent Secretary, the rest are either senior officers in public and government sectors and pensioners. Could you identify them ?
Brunei Darussalam will be celebrating Energy Week on 24th May. Mentioning about energy, it cross into you head; the oil and gas. That black gold was founded in early 1950ies. The then ruler, Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan utilized the oil money for building the backward Brunei. First, the infra structure. DYTM Baginda focused on building up school, mosques, roads, hospitals. Next was human resource. Nobody manned the new modern Brunei except its citizens. The first intake was those who administered Brunei by experience. Then came students who went to England after passing Senior Cambridge (O level) to take up degree courses. The next group was those who managed to get through A level and lucky enough to further study taking up the degrees. Most of them are now ministers and senior officers.

Universiti Brunei Darussalam, technical and religious institutions boost the brain need. Now there are a lot of degree holders including those waiting for the right jobs. Time has change. So do the approaches. The dynamic and borderless world does not wait for those who sit on the laurel.

Since oil money is the catalyst for development for both infra structures and man power, we have to conserve the energy. It is not a sustainable product. Some day it won’t be around anymore. Use energy wisely. Gunakan tenaga secara berhemah.

Hair talk

"I wonder if you could help me? I think I need a new hairstyle and I don't know what to choose. I'm 21. I think my face is rectangular; I have a high forehead and a slightly prominent chin. I'd really like a feminine style, because I feel that the combination of thin, rectangular face (ie high forehead and strong jaw line) and largish nose is quite masculine."

This is one of the thousand and thousand questions raised regarding hair style. You may look through Internet which style fit to your face and liking. I've pics of hair style taken during a show this weekend at Mall by Inspiration Alan Saloon. Have a look...

Hair Talk

Monday, May 19, 2008

Puisi Night - 51st Radio Anniversary

Full of concentration. What actually that facinated these two senior RTB staffs. Oh, the poems delivered by ministers, veterans and of course new blood of pendeklamasi sajak.

I was invited to Malam Puisi by RTB, marking the 51st annivesary of Radio Brunei held at Royal Brunei Polo & Riding Club Jerudong on 16th May 2008. As in the pic, other few former staff were invited. I persuaded them to join POP, Penulis Orang Pencen. If not writing for radio, TV, magazine, or newspaper, may be just suka-suka, throw away your stress, do write in a blog.

Of course most of the attendees were radio staffs. That was their night, the 51st anniversary radio service in Brunei. "Inilah Radio Brunei" was first announced back in May 1957. Another half of the hall was filled by those kaki bahasa; students, SEA Write Awardees, DBP staff and people like me who just wanted to hear how people deliver the sajak without understand the meaning.

I should have learn from this well known sajakis, Haji Suib. These are the tunas pendiklamasi sajak including his children. Kemana tumpah kuah kalau tidak ke nasi ? .... Kalau nasi mahal tidak terbeli, gimana ? Right now I don't even know how to compose one line of sajak.

Semangat naik beb ! I thought Haji Kifli (in red baju Melayu) would scream at the top of his voice as he usually did when presenting a sajak. When I met him just before he went up the stage, he mentioned the sajak was written by Yahya MS. Still memorising while biting the fruits.

Oh ya, those sitting with him complained they did not have nasi that night; just cakes, fruit coffee and tea. I think it was a wrong arrangement. The other side of the hall had plenty of rice , meat and vege but no coffee, fruits and cakes. It was difficult to cross with food in the plate. The hall was packed with tables and chairs.

Tunas Bangsa delivered a sajak. There're many many ways/techniques presenting a sajak. Lighter mood, angry, sad and suddenly like lightning strike the hearing cord of the audience.
"Tiada yang lurus dan tiada yang salah" That was quoted by a UBD lecturer.

A veteran, Sukri Zain delivering a sajak, I suppose, full of religious reminders.

Another veteran, Wijaya. He had pages of sajak. Also with religious connatations. Kasihan Pehin orang tetua, the light was dim. He had a difficult time to express the lines he wrote himself. Next time his secretary should use bigger fonds...bigger than 14 pt perhaps.

Badarudiin HO, a prominent sajakis since his school days in Singapore and Malaya. I salute him for delivering his sajak recorded on his handphone.(of course latest brand kali). Simple image that delivered the message, use ICT. While others struggling reading poems from papers and books, Pehin had relax time to express his ideas using handphone.

Awang Perkasa, veteran budayawan. He requested a gulintangan to accompany his sajak. He knew what was best to deliver a sajak. He is a singer and song composer. Friends knew he had a problem with his sight but a strong hearing sense and voice.

Haji Hashim Hamid. Memang menyengat malam atu prof. I sensed you were voicing the fall of Labuan. Labuan Inda Bebukit....Your pendeklimasian at padang during Nasional Day 2008 night, I felt also menyengat. If I could understand it was about an old man from kampung air who wished to attend the merdeka celebration but no seat was allocated to this group of people. Dia pun pulang, inilah merdeka. Sakastik banar eh.....

The function was broadcast live on National FM and recorded on TV service. Zain, the captain of the TV programme production crew. Not that simple to produce cos the artists (pendiklamasi sajak) were static; standing on one spot. I tell u beb, you should consider the lighting next time around. The yellow light flooded the audience throught out the prog was really sickening. And of course not enough light on the rostrum. Inda kau kasihan kan orang tetua kah, kial-kial baca sajak ?

This production unit is called Fly Away With Kit. May be kos it is easy to assemble at any place and any time. But U still need full crew to operate.

The two presenters were hiding on the side stage. When the prog commmenced, audience were searching around where the two were seated( or standing). Only the familiar voices were heard.

My comment: The way U deliver the presentation was still like Radio DJ. The night was suppose to be poetic. Ada lenggang lengguk bahasalah sikit. You've to learn from Dewan Bahasa the composition of a sentence and how to say it. Baru ngam dengan Malam Puisi.

Malam Puisi just concluded. The radio people have to struggle hard. As the Pmk Pengarah pointed out in his opening speech, that puisi had a significant role and function in nation building. Now, orang radio, proof it. If U check within five rangkaian radio, nobody produce a programme containing sajak. (lagi daulu pernah ada. Bisai kalau di revive). Where do those kaki sajak send their bahan ?

Zairis MS another veteran sajakis from the college day in 60ies. I still remember the debate in KL hostel canteen (where we stay) in 1969 when Apollo landed on the moon. The motion of the debate was: The beautiful moon . Pg took the stand saying moon was beautiful; of course it was seen from creative and artistic view.(orang seni katakan) Another friend put up the points from scientific point of view. Cant't remember who won. Bekaras-karasan bah. At the end, we did'nt sleep that night just to put up our own points.
Now you are deputy minister, sir. Inda lagi dapat beibun cam daulu.

Nama penanya membari ijap, Lipan Beranang. Haji Bahmin Hamdan , a senior radio staff who are now on leave prior to retirement. Inda batah sama tah kitani. Hope you will not rawan hati leaving a place of work for such a long time. Sad, happy, angry, jauh ati, tersisih. No need to tell you lah. You will know later.