Monday, December 15, 2008


This week wedding coverage was between Momtazah and Ramly. I did’nt take any video; only a few still shots for this blog kos we’re the host. We assigned professional photographers to do the task. Good photography needs concentration. Not just aiming at subject and click.

What's this ? A group of photographers were aiming through their viewfinders the same subject; an outdoor location photographing of a just married couple..

This is the subject. While other members got ready with their SLR (with different lences) this two did the directing. They made use of with natural lighting to get a nice effect.

As stated in their T shirt, the 5 photographers did their best to cover the special occasion .

This was a long shot view of the location. One stood on a high angle while others waited for the best composure.

Action ! With motorise snap, u could capture roll of different actions per second.

Tenang-tenang atas pelamin; Mumtadzah and Ramly.

One of the guests. Tak teringin kahwin cepatkah ?

All wearing black. Black doesn't mean dull but happiness. Lagi keluarga dan teman-teman pengantin.

This guest is from Nigeria, Felix. He had a chance to see the Brunei wedding. Seeing the wedding stage he whisper, what's the big candle for.....? A big banner was put up for guests to sign up their greetings.


What's ur option when nothing to do during school holidays or during work break. Going ke cafe pun malas. Apa lagi untuk jalan-jalan ke overseas. U could join various workshops. My son joined Science Camp organised by OGDC Seria recently. Kalau blank, ur nearest friend is lap top. U could organise gathering at the simplest place; dapor. So long u've ur laptop connected.

This sort of camping/workshop tought u to be berdikari mentally and phyically. It's tough but once u pass the test u feel confidient.

Play the game, challange your mate or just surf the Internet. This 's the trend among ypungsters nowadays. LT is so cheap compared to the price years back.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


What is December means to U
Holiday abroad ?
Relieve after exam ?
Wedding ?
For me, more video and photo assignments. Last week I completed two couples' wedding coverages in Kampung Air; the majlis perkahwinan son and daughter of Pengarah Haji Brahim/Momin. The father is working with Jabatan Adat Istiadat. No wonder we could see the wedding sequence was done gracefully. For example during akad nikah. The Dian Empat were lighted (di tunu) oleh empat awang-awang. Its like orang kena sampiri gelaran.

Happy couple Mohd Azim Pengarah Haji Brahim and Nur Erna Haji Ali.

Photo taking with orang muda-muda .

Eh bahapa kamu ani. Kenapa tia di perabuti ? Mana lakinya ?

Matching in pink Dayang Norzanah Pengarah Haji Brahim and husband Hasrin Awang Mayasin.

Pahawai kecil, complete with their colourful costumes

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


A news piece from TV Brunei said 9 production houses were successfully selected for the production of drama swasta. Congratulations. Of course the dramas would be going along with selected scripts. Acting Director said most scripts were good but none achieved excellence.

I submitted 4 this year. None was selected. I download some of the comments from the “professional” juri selecting the scripts…

“Dari segi penulisan skrip drama televisyen penulis ini nampaknya mempunyai sedikit pengetahuan. Jika skrip ini diterima oleh penerbit, dia terpaksa melakukan banyak perkara sebelum ceritanya dapat ditatap oleh penonton di kaca televisyen…”

Well, I had 30 years experience in TV production including co production dramas with neighbouring TV stations.. That did not seem to be enough….

“Penulis nampaknya kurang menitikberatkan bahasa terutamanya daripada segi struktur ayat dan ejaan. Daripada struktur ayat, kelemahannya nampak ketara dalam huraian cerita/sinopsis dalam setiap episod. Ejaannya pula di sana sini banyak yang salah dan pemilihan diksi yang tidak sesuai…”

Reading this comments I was wondering weather to write dailogs in standard Malay or according to the watak. I don’t even know the meaning of “diksi” in this context.. My knowledge may not be reaching the language standard of the juri. Gimanapun, my drama script was not a rencana …..

I've good relationship with Regalblue. Two of my series (Woksyop and Woksyop II) of 26 episodes were produced by them. So do my relation with Shahrimas Production, Redone Production, Malek Faizal Production, Hadiyul Production and a few more. They had transfered my scripts into visual before. This year tak ada....... see comments. (above)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Something funny that made Ema had a big laugh. Poster tebalik ! Everybody giving their hand to make the Album launching asuccess.

Nah, c Sabree and gangs

I received SMS inviting me to attend the launching of Pelangi FM’s Rentak 914 Volume III at the Mall on 7 Dec. The time 1.45pm, was clash with another function which I agree to attend. So I came late to the Pelangi function. It took me nearly half an hour circling the parking lots and almost give up when a car just went out right in front of mine.

The Mall was still crowded with young people. The launching attracted youngsters especially at this time of school holidays.

The album contains 17 of the country’s popular songs which were short-listed based on airplay and request figures. The artists also performed their respective songs featured in the album.

While big groups were entertained by the compilation artists on the specially made stage, others just hanging around taking pix with their favourite Pelangi DJs

Monday, December 8, 2008

Qurban ritual 2008M/1429H

Almost 3 million people perform the Haj this year 1429H including a few hundred from Brunei Darussalam. Despite the global financial crisis, Muslim communities around the world have answered the call to perform the haj pilgrimage to the holy land Mekah. “Don’t be afraid if it that is what Allah commands, it’s our obligation to perform it “ HM The Sultan said in His Majesty Hariraya Aidiladha titah.

Muslim are encouraged to perform the Qurban ritual on Hariraya Aidil Adha. According to the monarch the slaughtered meat should be distributed according to the Islamic teaching. While it is allowed to distribute to the rich, the priority should be given to those who are less fortunate.

I had a chance to witness the process of Qurban right from catching the buffalo, memayuk kaki kerbau hingga rebah , then slaughtering. This is the next process; menyisi daging.

You need an expert to do the process. Otherwise you cut the unnecessary part. This is the stomoch. Don't puncture it to ovoid the dung spreading into the meat part.

It looks easy but manually you need at least one hour and half to cut and weigh the meat before distribution.

After a day hard job. Everybody enjoy the food. You want soup tulang, rendang, curry, daging bakar. Its you own choice. After that you check your blood pressure and chelestrol !

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Almost 20 years ago, in early 90ies, I was just an ordinary officer of Radio Television Brunei. Myself and a group from Television Production Dept were in Singapore to iron out a musical programme under the MoU agreement in broadcasting between the two countries; Singapore and Brunei Darussalam.

We were almost finalising the content of the program but could not agree to a title. So my counterpart from SBC ( former name of MediaCorp TV) Anuar Rashid said. "Let’s relax and have makan.” So we were in a hotel restaurant where we stayed and served with variety of food including ketam. I said to myself, how am I going to crack the thick crab claw. Beside my plate there was an utensil like a pelayar pencabut paku. That must be the tool to open up the thick crab claw. True to my guess, it was the tool ! (seeing how my Singporeans friends used the utensil to crack the crab claw). Dalam hati terasa macam orang ulu banar saya ani. Really a cultural shock.

We were not just cracking the crab claw. We were cracking our heads as well to produce a name for the musical programme. That was to be done that evening kos we were leaving Singapore the next day. We were still blank, when all food already in our stomach. Then somebody voiced out “why don’t we borrow the restaurant’s name as a mark to our meeting ?”. Sukmaindera, that was the proposed name. There was a Malay element in the name. In fact one of the best designs in Malay Brunei weaving was named as Sukmaindera. But my Singapore friend Anuar Rashid said they wanted to maintain the image of city state Singapore. So they could not quite agree to Sukmaindera. “Indera” has something to do with kayangan. "Kayangan tak main," he said. So we took out indera and replaced with irama. Irama is melody and sukma is something from the heart. So Sukmairama is a melody from a heart. That was the original Sukmairama and how we arrived into the title.

In 2005 Sukmairama was changed to Rapsodi. I was already retired from Gov’t service and had to consult my friends in RTB. I was cracking my head again to know the meaning of this (Malay ?) word Rapsodi. Secondly, I wanna know, for curiosity sake, why they changed the name of the programme. I presumed it was something to do with rating. kos at that time (and now) people were talking about rating when mentioning about TV programmes. Maybe nobody open the file and find out the “rationale and agenda” of the original co-production which was to highlight the budaya and seni Melayu. Now, the show is more on contemporary, pop komersil, pop rock, ethnik kreatif and raps presentations.

Rapsodi “live” will be telecast on RTB TV 2 at 8.30 pm from Dewan Raya

As an outsider who was involve in the early stage of the production, I wish u all good luck and good wishes to the new teams.

Rapsodi press conferance on 25 Nov chaired by Haji Malai Hanafiah. Beside him are Othman Hasan, the Brunei Producer and Amirudin Abas Excutive Producer MediaCorp Singapore.

Co production programme means friendship among artists, sharing knowledge among crews, learning new production techniques and of course highlighting the programme agenda through the live show.

Meeting the local media, Hetty Sarlene from Singapore.

Another two artists from Singapore Hyrul Anuar and Maiya Rahman. Near, yet so far. Singapore to Brunei is just about 2 hours flight but not many Singaporeans visit Brunei compare to Bruneians visit Singapore. I'm sure the Singaporean artists learn a lot during their short stay in Brunei.

Brunei young and upcoming artist Siti Noor Maya Murnie Adi....Pre event Rapsodi live was shown/organised at Gaint Hypermarket Rima on 22 November as part of the programme publicity.

Mancho young artist from Singapore, Elfee Ismail.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Katak Atas Tempurung - Digital Camera

Randomly I download segment of my writing in my radio column Katak Atas Tempurung. For the 25th November issue I’ll be talking on digital camera. It can be of Single Lens Reflect (SLR), Semi SLR and compact SLR which nowaday mostly attach to handphones. Be aware that digital images can be transform positively or negatively. It is not a complicated process to merge of a sexy body of a film star with any body’s head of your choice..... Here is the segment of the Katak Atas Tempurung.....

“Kamera digital menggunakan sensor elektronik yang di panggil CCD iaitu Charge-coupled device atau CMOS Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor untuk merakam imej sebagai data binary. Ini membolehkan imej disimpan dan disunting menggunakan komputer peribadi. Kamera digital mempunyai fungsi-fungsi yang tidak terdapat pada kamera filem seperti merakam video dan suara. Kamera digital merakam dan menyusun imej yang terdedah pada CCD atau CMOS, kemudian dihantar ke kad memori. Jumlah piksal pada CCD atau CMOS mejangkau hingga 12 megapiksal. Kini, kamera digital 4.0 atau 6.0 megapiksal tidak mencukupi. Untuk menikmati kualiti foto yang baik, awda memerlukan kamera digital yang mempunyai sekurang-kurangnya 8.0 megapiksal… Sekarang ada kamera 8 megapiksal yang ringan dan kecil, dengan berat 164g dan saiz 93 x 57 x 28 mm. Dengan zoom 6x dan kebolehan menukar kelajuan shutter dan aperture secara manual, tidak boleh dinafikan bahawa kamera digital ini adalah untuk pengguna yang lebih berpengalaman.

Kamera digital terbahagi kepada tiga iaitu Single Lens Reflek (SLR), Semi SLR dan jenis kompak. Single Lens Reflek (SLR) memiliki ciri-ciri professional. Banyak komponen dalam kamera analog terdapat pada DSLR. Contoh penggunaan aperture dan shutter Speed. Ciri-ciri lain seperti lens yang boleh ditukar dan penggunaan filter yang boleh membantu pada perubahan mutu gambar. Kamera jenis semi SLR pula hampir menyamai kamera SLR. tetapi lensnya tidak boleh ditukar kerana ia disediakan dalam bentuk tetap. Penggunaan zoom ialah dengan menggunakan sistem optikal zoom, sama ada 8,10,12 atau 18 optikal zoom. Sementara jenis kompak termasuklah kamera yang terdapat pada telefon bimbit.

Apa yang saya sebutkan ini adalah soal teknikal yang jarang ingin diketahui oleh para muda-mudi kecuali dari kalangan penggemar gambar. Lainnya hanya mahu supaya kamera mereka dapat merakam gambar dengan jelas dan terang. Kamera kompak di masukkan dalam kocek seluar sebelah belakang atau dalam bag tangan. Kamera digunakan untuk apa jua rakaman. Jadi ubaya-ubaya sedikit. Dalam zaman teknologi baru ini macam-macam boleh dibuat untuk menonjolkan sesuatu. Misalnya mengubah bentuk wajah atau mencipta dan menggabungkan gambar lucah dengan wajah-wajah seseorang. Inilah cara memfitnah zaman teknologi.

The male is a local actor. In a TV drama he was suppose to have a wife, orang puteh. So we chop the original head of male orang puteh and inserted his. At a glance u will not recgonise. This is a digital camera trick.

This is from a photographer's eyes. Bottles in a row are just normal display in a shop. But it look good when taken from an angle.

How many times you punch on the computer key board in a day ? U don't realise it is a good photographic subject.

A cool morning. U feel less stress when looking this type of photograph taken by digital camera.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Many thanks to Regalblue for inviting me yesterday 15th Nov. to a session with a popular personality in film/drama production and script writing. This time around they managed to bring in Encik Mamat Khalid, a popular Malaysian director who recently won an award with his black and white film, Bila Malam Bulan Mengambang. Mamat Khalid was a scriptwriter before venturing into film-making and is an avid fan of rock music which inspired him to write and direct 2005 film, Rock. He’s the younger brother of cartoonist Datuk Mohamad Nor Khalid or better known as Lat.

That afternoon Khalid talked on scriptwriting; the elements of basic script, script writing panel, script copyright and the role of script writer in film/tv production.

Screenwriters or scenarists are scriptwriters who write the screenplay from which films and tv programmes are made. Most screenwriters start their careers writing on speculation. That means they write without being hired and paid for it. Selling such a script calls to sell a "spec-script".

Mamat Khalid. He is a jovial person. But come to making a point he is a serious person especially with regard to his profession; film making and script writing.

Actually it was a close session for Regalblue staff. I was there on invitation. Two of my drama series, Woksyop and Worsyop 2 were produced by Regalblue Production.

The session with Mamat Khalid was only about two hours. But I gain a lot from his talk. He was talking more on his experience.

Adi Shamsul of White Wizard Pictures was there too. Remember him ? He was the producer of the popular Roda Impian tx sometime ago.

Niza, budding artist created by Regalblue Production. She acted in Worksyop 2 and Perjalanan drama series and was also as presenter in TV magazine programme "CRB"


Over 900 pilgrims performed the haj at the end of this year 2008. Some of them already leave Brunei to the holy city Mekah on 13th and 15th November. I was at the airport on the second flight on 15 November. As usual many friends and relatives were there to send off and wished them save journey.

Many of the pilgrims were not the first timers. With the experience and knowledge they could guide the family members to performing their haj obligations.

When asked about His Majesty and Her Majesty concented to receiving them, they expressed their gratitude and thankful to His Majesty for the gift of the bag, ‘Ikhram’ and ‘Talkong’, which they said shows His Majesty's care for his subjects.

Big crowd at the Brunei Airport to send off the 2008 intending Haj. This scene was the second group. There would be more flights by Royal Brunei to ferry them to Mekah.

Mix feeling at the airport. Happy cause getting a chance to perform the fifth pillar of Islam and sad cause had to tempoparily away from the love ones.

Anak buah saya, Aminah Haji Azahari, first time performing the Haj with daughters, Saerah and Sarah. Not in the pic - the father Haji Shari and two sons were also going in the same group.

Sarah what's on ur mind ? Be prapare for the Haj challange; ur'll be facing million of pilgrims and the unfoseen enviroment in Mekah. Allah will be beside u always.

Last minute advise before departure. Don't be sad, u'll be away for Haj only for about a month. Keep in touch with SMS.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Scientists have identified traits that define a living thing – the need to feed, the ability to grow and reproduce and the skill to adapt to environmental conditions and, in some cases, shape them. Life in all its miraculous glory is a complex network of interdependent systems.

The old question would remain: given life, how best can we live it ? How can we make it great ? Since 1908 Great Eastern has been sharing its answer. Life is great. Last night, Great Eastern Brunei celebrated and organized its Centennial Dinner at the Theatre, Empire Hotel Jerudong. DP Haji Hamdillah, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Prime Resource was there to officiate the function on behalf of Pehin DSM DP Colonel ® Haji Yasmin, Acting Minister of Finance II.

In addressing the recent financial turmoil, he called on insurers to revisit their strategies and the risk management approaches to ensure financial players including insurers can maintain stability as well as protect public confidence which is fading as the crisis intensifies.

GE started on August 26, 1908 with 15 staff and asset of $ 70K. Today the asset is about 45 billion dollars over 3 million policy holders. At that function GE donated $30K to Pusat Ehsan Al- Ameerah Al Hajjah Maryam, received by DP Haji Alimin. The guests were entertained by music and song from PCJ Vittuoso Music School and Regina Dance Studio.

Me and wife. GE Life Planners and guests were there too to celebrate the happy occasion.

This is specially made Pistachio Cream Macaroon with "GE 100th years celebration" sugar on it. For the main course we've Black Peppered Chicken Tornado with Lyonnaise Potato with Herb, Aubergine Roulade Thyme Jus.

30K donation from GE to Pusat Ehsan. The cheque was handed over by Mr Tan Beng Lee Director & Group CEO to DP Haji Alimin and witness by Deputy Minister DP Haji Hamdillah.

On the way back after the Gala, happy couple DP Haji Hamdillah, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Prime Resources and wife.
Souvenirs to the guests...... Buzy GE staffs making sure everybody got one.

The souvenir book " Celebrating Life @ 100 (1908-2008). Great Eastern is the oldest and most established life insurer in Singapore and Malaysia with branches in Brunei, Indonesia and Vietnam. The cover depicts graphically Dendrobium Great Eastern, a hybrid orchid commerating the Company's 100th anniversary, and Bunga Raya, the national flower of Malaysia.

Monday, November 10, 2008


The invitation on 2nd Nobvember 2008 was supposed to be Doa Kesyukuran on Anugerah Mastera to Associate Prof. Dr Haji Hashim Hamid. When I arrive at his residence at Kampung Tanjung Nangka, it was a different function. Instead, it was a Doa Naik Haji. (mungkin di selajurkan) Relatives, friends and writers were there. So we wish you a safe journey to Mekah and back and attain Haji Mabrur.

The Ibadat Haji (Hajj) is a pilgrimage to Mekah. It is the largest annual pilgrimage and is the fifth pillar of Islam, an obligation that must be carried out at least once in lifetime by every able-bodied Muslim who can afford to do so. It is a demonstration of the solidarity of the Muslim people, and their submission to Allah The pilgrimage occurs from the 10th to the 15th day of Zulhijjah the 12th month of the Kalender Hijrah. If on the Hajj, a female must be accompanied by her husband or a member of her family (mahram).

The Hajj is associated with the life of Nabi Mohamad but the ritual of pilgrimage to Mekah is considered by Muslims to stretch back to the time of Nabi Ibrahim and Nabi Ismail. Pilgrims join processions and perform a series of rituals. As part of the Ibadat, each person walks counter-clockwise seven times about the Kaabah the cube-shaped building which acts as the Muslim direction of prayer (qiblat); runs back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwah, drinks Zamzam water; go to the plains of Mount Arafah stand in vigil; On the horizon far ahead, the magnificent minarets of Nimira, the only mosque in Arafat, rise up from the plains. Haj is the last of the five pillars of Islam. It was the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who, by his example, defined its elements exactly. Muslims from around the world follow in his footsteps to this day. Then pilgrims throw stones in a ritual Melontar. The pilgrims then shave their heads, perform an animal sacrifice, and celebrate the four day global festival of Aidil Adha.

On local scene, prior to their departure the Haj to be, attended series of lectures delivered by Haj authority and religious lecturers on how to attain Haji Mabrur; the correct way of performing the Haj beside advising them on logistics, housing, transport, food and on health.

Big house of Prof Dr Haji Hashim. Reletives, friends and member of Astrawani were there.

UBD lecturers were among the guests. We wish Prof. Dr Haji Hashim and family a safe Haj journey.

Enjoy the food which include Udang Bakar. yam...yam...

Friends met. The former and present director of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Brunei Haji Hakim and Dr Metaim.